A Lover, Fading

A Lover, Fading flash fiction

A Lover, Fading—Maybe it’s because it’s Valentine’s Day weekend but I’m in a maudlin mood. I suppose I should apologize to Erato. I promise I’ll get to work on more uplifting flash fiction for next time!
Not everyone you’ve known will stay with you—in your heart, in your mind—but the one’s you’ve loved will. If it was real, part of it becomes a part of you; embedded in your story. Even if it wasn’t real for them ….

Did you hear that? The sound of my heart breaking again?

Does anyone else feel this way? Do you still think about a lover who’s not around … even when you could be thinking about anybody else? Ah, the temptations of a forbidden pleasure! 😉

A Lover … No!
Let’s Connect Instead!

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It’s a bit longer than the others … and also pushing the boundaries of Erotic Romance into Erotica. At least, I think it is. Let me know what you think!

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