Friday Night

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Friday Night

Friday Night. Appropriate, no?

I did say this one would be short. Short and … not sweet. Not too naughty, either. Although, I suppose it depends on what you think is going on. How did you interpret the scene?

I call these Frisky because they’re not quite Erotica. As I’m posting them on social media first, I don’t want to make the internet powers-that-be upset with content that violates terms, etc. Within the pages of an ebook, however …
You might be surprised at the stuff I write if you’re only judging me by these #FFFF posts.

I’m beginning to build up quite the collection of these actually. And, to be honest, I love the challenge of writing at least one piece of loosely themed flash fiction every week. Of course, I’m also busy at the moment with publishing a new release every week for Caliente Connections. But, those stories are already there, you know? I’ve got the titles, the characters, the basic outlines. It’s less … spontaneous. And, surprise! I love me a little bit of spontaneity on a Friday Night. 😉

As per usual, I’ll remind you that I post these first on IG. You can follow me there and, especially if you’re an author or any indie creative type, I’ll follow back.

Are you challenging yourself this year? Reading, writing, arts-ing, fitness … any kind of challenge counts! I’d love to know what you’re up to! You can use the Contact Page here, or find me on any of the socials linked below.

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