Brazen at the Boat Show

Buy the Book: Amazonbrazen at the boatshow coverTitle: Brazen at the Boat Show
Series: Caliente Connections: A Miami Erotic Romance Series #8
Contributors: Lizi D'Avila
Published by: Phoenix Fire Press, Ltd. Company
Release Date: February 11, 2021
Pages: 32

Gisele is bored with having to go to the boat show every year. Her father insists that the whole family make an appearance so she doesn’t really have a choice. He’s bossy that way. Plus, he’s still helping her stay on her feet after her disastrous first year of post-college life.

Now, finally, she’s ready to figure her path out for herself. She’s got a decent income of her own he doesn’t know about—tending bar at an upscale and completely inappropriate club downtown. Her plan is to go back to school and study what she always wanted to: marine biology.

Oh, she knew daddy would be disappointed. It wasn’t glamourous, didn’t pay much, and wouldn’t land her a rich husband in the social strata he’d raised her to fit into. But she just didn’t care anymore!

Gritting her teeth, she gets to the marina on Virginia Key, intent on keeping up appearances. All she needs is three more months. Then, she’ll be able to move out on her own and live her life on her own terms.

Dressed a bit too nice for the day as was expected of her, she strolls along the docks, looking for her family. Spying them rubbing elbows with some other well-to-do’s, she turns to head in their direction and stumbles into a dream.

When she’d slipped and stumbled, this handsome stranger had caught her … and he was gorgeous! Lean, well dressed, and obviously successful, he looked like he belonged on the cover of a magazine.

His eyes are so pretty!

Heart racing, Gisele lets him steady her. She shouldn’t be letting him touch her like this—a complete stranger, and right in front of her family! Meeting his eyes, she realizes he’s just as interested in her body as he is in her wellbeing. And she’s starting to feel something, too …

Should she make her excuses and run back to her father like a good girl? Or should she follow her own impulses and, for once, have a brazen good time at the boat show?

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