Playful at the Park

Buy the Book: AmazonPlayfulTitle: Playful at the Park
Series: Caliente Connections: A Miami Erotic Romance Series #10
Contributors: Lizi D'Avila
Published by: Phoenix Fire Press, Ltd. Company
Release Date: March 10, 2021
Pages: 21

Eva and Vic have known each other for what feels like forever. Runners, they’d met on the track team in college. Despite never dating, they’d managed to stay in each others lives all these years. Professionals now, they’d somehow even managed to settle down near each other, both drawn to The Park. Possibly the best known one in the city, it boasted one of the top jogging trails in South Florida.
As Eva heads out for an early morning jog, she can’t keep her mind off of Vic. Bumping into him on the trail as expected, the day takes a sudden turn for them both when they get caught in a heavy February storm. Will they keep running circles around each other? Or will they take their playfulness to the next level at last?

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