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The Latest Release

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The Latest Release in Caliente Connections

I’ll be featuring each new release here as a sticky post on the blog. I’ll edit this same post each week so you don’t have to go far to get a preview of the latest release in Caliente Connections: A Miami Erotic Romance Series.

Please, go ahead and enjoy the preview!
Then make sure you follow the link to buy or borrow it on Kindle Unlimited! Of course, you can share it right from this post to let anyone else in on your new find. And remember to visit the Blog every week to get a preview for each new story! You can also check out the whole series on Amazon, too.

And, don’t worry! They’re short stories so they’re quick reads … and there’s plenty more on the way! Each one is a stand alone story, too, so you can pick up right here and then read any others that strike your fancy. The only “timing” factors might be for the holiday stories, but you’ll be able to tell that from the covers and titles. Promise!

Let me know if you enjoy this preview option. I think it’s handy, of course. Although, I’m still using novelist to feature the entire series on the Caliente Connections page. What do you think? Should I use these previews on the series page instead of the novelist plugin or keep doing what I’m doing?

Crazed at the Casino

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Book 7 is Live!

Crazed at the Casino, Book 7 in Caliente Connections: A Miami Erotic Romance Series, is available for purchase on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! You can also check it out on goodreads. <3

Each story is focused not just on one couple, but also gives a peek into life in Miami. Yes, of course, they’re fictional accounts. But—within the limits of short fiction—I add some tidbits about the city. At least, the city as I’ve experienced it throughout my life.

Crazed at the Casino

Quick Blurb

Crazed at the Casino follows Aymee, a new attorney who’s living in Little Havana while she gets her career up and running. Desperate for a night out, she calls up her favorite party girl, Maggie. When she finds out they’re headed to the local casino, she pushes her skepticism aside in the hopes of finally having a good time. Then, she spots Julio … and things quickly get caliente.

Final Thoughts

This couple really did surprise me. Their story did not work out at all the way I had originally envisioned it. Every time I wrote a scene out, I had to go back and rewrite it because one of them wasn’t happy with the role they had to play. Like actors—very stubborn actors.

And, if you had told me the twist the story would take before I’d written it? I promise you, I wouldn’t have believed it of Aymee … or Julio. But that’s what makes this genre so exciting for me to write! You can’t always judge a book by its cover, nor a person by their surface personality alone.

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