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Frisky Fridays Flash Fiction

Here is where you’ll find all my IG posts for
Frisky Fridays Flash Fiction

You’ll find them in descending order, with the latest post at the top. I’ll be posting them to IG first, of course, then following up here as soon as possible. My plan is to post one every Friday because consistency is key.
They won’t fit tidily into one genre. In other words, they could be Romance, Erotic Romance, or Erotica. I’m not sure which ones will be which yet because I’m writing them as I go along.

Pantsing flash fiction for 2021!

However, as long as they’re frisky, I’m happy. Also, as they are actual flash fiction, they can range in length from as short as six words to as long as one thousand. My goal is to keep the creativity flowing and, above all, share something with you as often as possible.

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Who’s Frisky?

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If you came straight here for the flash fiction, be sure to check out Caliente Connections, too! It’s a short reads Erotic Romance series I’m publishing every week. They’re stand alone stories, with a Latin American flavor, and all set in Miami. Come on … you know you want to see just how hot in can get down here. 😉

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