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Update Third Week of February 2021

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Update Third Week of February 2021
Hello, readers! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by!
I just wanted to give you a little update of what’s going on with me this week. But, first, let me thank everyone for a great week last week!

Those of you who follow me on IG and Twitter, thanks for the love and feedback! Those of you who’ve been reading Brazen at the Boat Show this week, you are gems! I adore you! And, those of you who are lurking around my blog? I haven’t forgotten about you, either … so keep reading!

Now on to this Week

Update – third week of February 2021:

First … this week, I’ve integrated with WP and Jetpack so now you can follow me via your site and/or the newsletter! The contact page is always there, of course, but I’ve added like and share buttons, too. Also, I’m working on comments and related content sections but let’s be patient with all that please. 🙂

Second, I am hard at work on the next release in Caliente Connections, Wanton at the Wine Festival. Yaaasss. These two have been driving me crazy the past week! Alejandra and Ricardo have a troubled history. Running into each other at the wine festival on South Beach has them both acting strange. You’d think it was the wine … but it may turn out to be much more. 😉

Finally, I’ll be posting another Frisky Fridays Flash Fiction on IG this Friday, too. I guess this one will be a short one, partly because the last couple have been long and also because book 9 is keeping me very busy.

As usual, I’ll be scrolling through social media so follow me and I’ll follow back. I do my best to read, like, and comment, of course, and appreciate everyone who does the same!

Book 7 is in Review!


Crazed at the Casino, Book 7
is in review … finally!

Book 7 is in review!
Book 7 is in review!

Can you tell I’m excited? Crazed at the Casino took me a hot minute but I finally uploaded it today. It should be available soon, at the latest over the weekend. If you head over to IG, you can see the cover reveal and check out the finished description.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing a sneak peek from inside it’s pages. I do this every week, with every new title. Of course, you can scroll down through my history and see all the reveals and sneak peeks from the earlier books, too!

I’m so relieved to be done with this hot as hell couple. Aymee and Julio surprised me throughout the story. I had no idea she was going to turn out to be … well, you’ll see when you read it! I’d love to know how they make you feel, too, so please share your feedback. Reviews, tweets, comments, etc. I welcome them all. <3

In the meantime, while you wait for this one to be released, you can check out the other books in the series at Caliente Connections. I think the steamy action in this one falls somewhere between Naughty at the New Year’s Party and Passion on the Porch. Have you read either? What do you think?

Maybe I’ll set up a poll one of these days. You know, to see which couple everyone thinks is hottest? I can’t pick a favorite, of course. Writing each scene is its own pleasure, and each one makes me feel different things.

Anyhow, I’ll be updating the series page as soon as this one is available for purchase. I mean, literally … the very minute it’s live …
So, please, stay connected, and keep your eyes on the page!

I’ve got my books up!


Happy Frisky Friday, everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve got my book series up and ready for your perusal on the page for Caliente Connections. Also, I’ve added today’s Frisky Friday Flash Fiction on #FFFF. Have a wonderful Friday and stay tuned for the next installment of your favorite Miami Erotic Romance Series next week!


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Ah, the first post.
Such freshness! Such potential!

Hello, beautiful people!

I don’t have much to say other than I’m working hard at transferring content and getting my book babes set up here. I used to have everything over at Phoenix Fire Press but realized I needed a separate site for this author persona.

You can find out more on the About Me page, of course. But, here’s a quickie, just for you. 😉 I’m writing in two separate genres and didn’t want my *cough* brands to get messy. Here is where you’ll find my sexy alter ego, Lizi. Her mind wanders where it shouldn’t, often followed by her hands.

To the keyboard! You naughty creatures!

What’s Coming?

I have a lot of ideas to explore, from the tamer genre of Romance to the taboo busting Erotica. For now, I’m writing somewhere in the middle.

Why don’t you prepare to stick around and read me awhile? I’ve got my flash fiction series up. I’m also sharing my first Erotic Romance collection. You can find me on social media at the links in the footer.

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