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Sexy silhouette with books.

What can I say about me other than that I’m an anonymous authoress from Miami, publishing in different genres under different pseudonyms? Lizi D’Avila is my Erotic Romance persona because, understandably, letting my day life people in on this particular writing mystery could potentially be … problematic.
I don’t like problems or conflict without cause and, quite frankly, writing Erotic Romance is unfairly maligned. Hence, Lizi.
Fantasies are fiction and, after all, we all have a sexy side. So … come join me in exploring mine … via the written word. 😉

You can visit my Author Page on Amazon. In addition, you can visit my indie publisher at Phoenix Fire Press.

Do you need more?

Let’s see … what else can I tell you about me?
A first generation Hispanic American, I was born in Miami—however, I learned English as a second language.
I fell in love with books as soon as I learned to read and dreamed of becoming an author as a child. I was told that was impractical and, being far too trusting, I believed them. They were wrong.
Therefore … here I am! Sunlighting as a [career] and moonlighting as an author.

(Yes, I am keeping sunlighting as a word. Because I can.)

I’m an easily inspired person, finding stories everywhere I look because people fascinate me. My personal life isn’t as wild as some of you might want to imagine. If it were, I wouldn’t have all this time for writing, would I?

I’m working on my current project, Caliente Connections: A Miami Erotic Romance Series for now, along with my Frisky Fridays Flash Fiction posts. I have a trilogy in progress that would fall more properly under Romance … and an idea for a new series that could only be classified as Erotica.

So … have I answered your most pressing questions about me? I did say I was anonymous, at least for now, didn’t I? If there’s something you simply must know, go ahead and contact me or connect with me on social media by following the links at the bottom of the page. However, I don’t intend to let you in on all my secrets any time soon.

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