Caliente Connections

Caliente Connections. An intimate embrace.

Caliente Connections: A Miami Erotic Romance Series

Caliente Connections is a series of short, standalone, erotic romance stories set in Miami. As it turns out, the idea just came to me one day. You see, I love Romance and Erotic Romance, but I didn’t see a lot of Hispanic and Latin American representation in the genres. I was bothered at first, but then I kept thinking about what one of my favorite childhood authors had said:

If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.

~Beverly Cleary

So, I did. I started writing it. Then I realized I had a lot of different stories to tell. Thus, Caliente Connections was born!

About the Series

Miami. The name is known worldwide, evoking images of sexy beaches and an even sexier nightlife. But it’s the people of the city, those who live here and those who visit, who make it a fantasy destination. With so much to see and do, so many different people, and the pulsing heat of a culture unlike any other, it’s no surprise that romance makes its home here, too.

Intimate connections, erotic encounters, passionate embraces—all abound in this city by the sea. Delve into a different romance with every story but be prepared. It’s going to get caliente.

~Lizi D’Avila

They’re here!

Click on the images below to read the details for each book in the series. In addition, I’ll be updating this page as I publish new titles.

Book 10

Book 9

Book 8

Book 7

Book 6

Book 5

Book 4

Book 3

Book 2

Book 1

You can check out the series on Amazon and visit my Amazon Author Page. My books are also on goodreads along with my Author Profile.

Feel free to head over to the About page if you’re a bit curious about me. 😉

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